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Rancho La Gloria
Our flagship Margarita puts subtle twist on this classic cocktail.
Artista Cocktail Co
The first and only certified organic margarita on the market.
This Irish Country Cream is equal parts delicious and indulgent.
MPL Brands is a full service beverage production company capable of creating new products from inception to a complete brand.
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Our Company

Patco Brands is a family owned-and-operated import, distribution, marketing and sales company. We are dedicated to making award wining, ready to drink wine based products and other ready to drink products. Our mission is to exceed all expectations from consumers, associates and strategic business partners.

Core Values

Patco Brands is quickly becoming one of the industry’s favorite beverage alcohol companies by consistently adhering to the following principles:


Create Value

Product. Package. Price. We utilize a broad network of optimized resources to deliver quality products with large value propositions for retailers and consumers.


Drive Innovation

We never stop innovating. From flavors and formulations to packaging and distribution; we strive to identify and develop new creative concepts throughout all aspects of our business.



Relationships are paramount in our business. We understand that it’s the people you do business with and not just the business itself. Even as we grow and evolve, each member of our team adheres to our core values that offers our partners and customers the best possible products on the market.



We have the ability every day to dream up new products and bring them to life from start to finish. Our entire team enjoys creating value, driving innovation and consistently ‘doing the right thing’ which is directly reflected in our product offerings. Everyone at Patco Brands has a voice and their vision and opinions are always valued.

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We do not sell direct to consumer and do not accept online orders.

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